Wednesday, March 10, 2004
  Yossi the poodle Beilin gets muzzled!

Beilin prevented from poisoning young schoolchildren's minds with his Lefty dogma!

Limor Livnat, I take my hat off to you. 
  A mere 2 on the bias rictor scale - Has Haaretz's editorial change taken place this week? The last few days have witnessed a discerable drop in bias. There have been more Lefty Sharon-bashing op-eds in Maariv than Haaretz!

Still, this article has a few subtle twists of reality:

Thursday, March 04, 2004
  Haaretz admits that Yossi Beilin is a loser!

A shrunken, beaten Meretz, with Yossi Beilin arriving only after he was essentially thrown out of Labor by Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, and didn't make it into the Knesset as the 11th candidate on the Meretz list.
He belongs in European salons, a near alien in Israeli reality. Beilin has long been in the national Lefty pagan pantheon of radical left leaders. The Oslo War, the Geneva surrender, Abu Mazen, Arafat - they could all be synonyms for Beilin, for whom the doors of [Israel-bashing] international statesmen are always open.
the race for the leadership of Yahad, which really means Meretz, is [another] attempt to shake off past [surrender-monkey] images that have stuck to them.
speaking about his vision of Israel as a potential [pinko] socialist state like Sweden Cuba, talking exlusively to Ashenazim about long lunches, Beilin said that the most important thing is to fight for the welfare state. He went on, 'I wrote a book about socialism ("From Socialism to Social Liberalism," Am Oved, 1999). I don't know anyone else in the Knesset who wrote a book on socialism.'
Bielin's fellow Lefty, Cohen commented: 'Did you see that sourpuss?'"


  Another olive picker sob story attacking the fence from Amira Hass

What a moral dilemma from Haaretz: let some hate-filled olive picker get to all his trees instead of building the fence, or let your children get blown to bits.

BTY, This crone has no journalistic integrity:
In order to further her pro-Palestinian position, Haas has violated basic journalistic standards. In June 2001, the Jerusalem District Court ordered Ha'aretz and Hass to pay 250,000 shekels (about $80,000) for slandering the Jewish community of Hebron. Judge Rachel Shalev-Gartel concluded in favor of the Hebron residents, ruling that Haas' report -- disproven by several televised accounts of the incident -- damaged the community's reputation.

read more about Amira's escapades at Honest Reporting.

so the next time you read one of Amira's olive picker sob stories, ask yourself: "how much of this article did she fabricate to get her message accross?"

If Amira's looking to cover the human sympathy angle in an impartial mannor , there are over 1000 Israeli families of Oslo war casualties whom she could contact.

Is it just me, or does Amira look like an embittered spinster haridan who got left on the shelf?


  Haaretz spends more time & effort slandering Sharon than reporting the news!

The relentless smear campaign continues today:
hereand here andhere.

So much so, that even Debka notes that the Israeli media is kicking arround Ariel Sharon.

Haaretz attempts a trial by media nearly every day, harping on about the following unsubstantiated allegations:

none of which have produced indictments! The law has not found Sharon guilty of anything, let alone any actual evidence or witnesses to any wrong-doing yet the Left harps on like he is guilty of multiple criminal counts. Its a smear campaign plain and simple, 3 articles a day.

What really interests Haaretz is Sharon's removal from government and they are willing to dig – or dream – up any storm in a teacup to achieve their goal. Instead of Letting Sharon get down to a unilateral withdrawal and completion of the security fence in order to extract ourselves from the Left's Oslo mess,, Haaretz prefers to sling mud wherever they find it.

  Blatent Bias at Haaretz: Palestinians are "Millitants", Jews are "Terrorists"!

Two Headlines from Haaretz today expose the Left's double standards:

  Haaretz says yes to internationalization (surrender), no to self-defence

In this article Haaretz advocates total surrender - forget the security fence, lets just hand over our sovereignty to our good friends at the UN!

What a bunch of Humuus eating surrender monkeys! 

  spoiled students Haaretz protects rotten education system

The iresponsible teachers union wrecks our childrens education with excessive strikes. Haaretz doesnt care about our children's right to an education - their ownly concern is protecting the socialist and ossified teachers union.

Israeli schools should be privitized. 

  Maariv: Jibril Rajuob’s Haaretz chums

"Over a juicy steak dinner, Jibril Rajoub, terrorist envoy of the Muqata, managed to trick Israeli journalists once again. Oslo’s jolly days of deception are back.

Just to remind you that the steak dinner at Bardouny’s took place just three weeks after a terrorist from the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades—Rajoub and his master’s organization—blew himself up on a bus in Jerusalem.

the blind devotion with which the Israeli media accepted the disastrous fantasy tales of the day have returned.

Once again we are receiving selective reports about good terrorists and bad terrorists. Once again the most elemental questions are not being asked. "


Wednesday, March 03, 2004
  3 instances of Haaretz Jackals muckraking today - obsession detailed in Debka!

Haaretz is obsessed with slurring Sharon - today they had 3 articles and 5 reporters carping on with their mudraking:

So much so, that Debka notes that the Israeli media is kicking arround Ariel Sharon.

THe latest is a a legal loophole misinterpreted for early elections, and some chance 5 weeks aquaintance with Tanenebaums ex-father-in-law 30 years ago.

Haaretz has a raging obsession with a trivial coincidence and the Israeli public must be made aware of the Left's contortions of malicious slurs.

Beset by media generated implied innuendo, calls for his resignation, state inquiry probes and questions in the Knesset from the Lefty opposition, Sharon accused the media of an unheard of, unbridled assault on his good name. Not since the slander campaign against Bibi's wife has the press sunk so low.

Haaretz aatempts a trial by media nearly every day, harping on about the Greek Island affair, the Apple bribes case and the Cyril Kern loan scandal – none of which have produced indictments.

What really interests Haaretz is Sharon's removal from government and they are willing to dig – or dream – up any storm in a teacup to achieve their goal. Instead of Letting Sharon get down to a unilateral withdrawal and completion of the security fence in order to extract ourselves from the Left's Oslo mess,, Haaretz prefers to sling mud wherever they find it.

  Amira Hass writes another olive grape picker sob story "show the viewers the vineyards of Sheikh Ajalin, the ripe grapefruits, the peasants who for years nurtured the fruit with great love only to see it all turned to scorched earth left behind by Israeli tanks and bulldozers. No movie has yet been produced that would enable Israelis to taste the wonderful grapes of Sheikh Ajalin." - blah blah blah.

Amira doesnt get that we care more about our children's survival than her romantic grape stories.

This lady's 5 minutes on the historic soapbox are over. Let Amira know that she's a has-been relic from the delusional Oslo era.

- What a sour grape!  
  Haaretz dictates ethical codes

Dont let the Left fool you with its twisting and moral ambiguity. Haaretz does not comprehend the survival instinct and is full of pathos for the Pali-murderers.

If you love your children more than you care about the Palestinian savages trying to murder them every day, then support the fence and support Israel.


  Sarid slams patriotism. THe Left hates Israel. 
  Haaretz blames Tannenbaums actions on Sharon!

Talk about Sharon Frenzy Syndrome! Incidently, this article also whitewashes GLat-Berkovitch, the legal official who broke the law for her Lefty agenda.

Haaretz's message: If you are a radical Leftist, then you are above the law. If your'e not, then you are guilty until proven innocent, and then your'e still guilty.  

Saturday, February 28, 2004
  Haaretz doesnt wait for the blood to dry

Its been less than a week since the Palistinian suicide terrorist in Jerusalem destroyed the people on that bus, and Amira Hass is back to pumping out olive picker sob stories.

Lets keep this story in context: While the Bashirs cant get to all their olive trees, In the past week of the Oslo War, 10 Israelis have been murdered. 

  Haaretz rehashes old and incorrect news on global warming!

Tim Blair caught this one out on February 23!

The report isn’t secret, it wasn’t suppressed, the Observer isn’t the first to “obtain” it, and it was prepared for, rather than by, the Pentagon. Fortune magazine had the whole story last month.
The result is an unclassified report, completed late last year, that the Pentagon has agreed to share with FORTUNE. It doesn't pretend to be a forecast. Rather, it sketches a dramatic but plausible scenario to help planners think about coping strategies.

Its bad enough that Haaretz is biased but when the newspaper parrots the mistakes of others, its time to cancel your subscription!

  Haaretz tries to convince you that checkpoints are worse than Piguiim

What would you prefer: A) Some Palestinians have to wait 1 inconvenienced hour to get checked before going through a checkpoint, or B) your kids getting blown to pieces by a terrorist?

There can be no moral ambiguity here. 

Friday, February 27, 2004
  Disgusting: Yoel Marcus mocks families of terror victims

This is how Haaretz describes the brave families of terror victims who went to the Hague:
"a show of whining and whimpering... a display of wretchedness and woe designed to tug at the heartstrings of international public opinion - like beggars who show off the stump of an arm or leg to make the world feel sorry for them."

Haaretz makes me fell sick.


  Palestinian Propoganda site calls to support Haaretz journos!

THe PalestineMonitor.org site calls to support Amira Hass and Gideon Levy - states the following:

"The two journalists, Hass and Levy, have written some of the strongest articles against Israeli occupation and aggression, which I have often forwarded to you, so you know where they stand."

Yes, we know where they stand.  
  Haaretz: Withdrawal could leave Gaza a terrorist camp - NEWSFLASH: It already is!

Wether we stay in Gaza or not the Palestinains will still hate us, and support / attempt terrorism.

Haaretz doesnt want to end the quagmire, and opposes the unilateral seperation and the fence.

Next time Haaretz cries "occupation", remember that the Left would rather we rule over Gaza and perpetuate deaths on both sides, than to unilaterally leave Gaza to more defencible borders without an Oslo surender agreement. 
  Haaretz lambastes the IDF for spending money on saving our lives

THe Oslo war braught about by the Left's machinations has cost - the IDF does need money to defend the country and save lives.

As for the paragraph 2 jibe about Sharon having "no strategic vision", what do you call the bold steps of unilateral seperation and the security fence? A strategy to get us out of the Oslo quagmire the Left led us into. 

Thursday, February 26, 2004
  Two Palestinians killed by IDF during anti-fence protest attack

and so they should be, by any moral reckoning that values the lives of children, ours and theirs. 

  THe Gilad Sharon smear campaign continues - part 81

THis is such a non-story. Asking someone questions for the upteenth time is not news. News is the outcome of a trial or the revelation of a fact.

Haaretz's smear campaign against Gilad is starting to resemble the go-nowhere plots of the Bold and the Beutiful!  

  Haaretz sympathizes with the fears of Palestinian Suicide terrorists

Amira Hass, turncoat resident of Rammalahstan is either a lousy reporter or a liar. SHe lived in Gaza and Rammalah for 10 years - she must hear "Ichbad Al Yehud" at least once a day. She speaks with Hamas and Islamic Jihadis on a regular basis, and they do not hide their intention when they repeatedly state a Judenrein Palestine between the Jordan and the sea is their goal. Is she deaf? Or does she deconstruct the murderous statements of Jihadi representatives to meet the Dogma-agenda disseminated to Haaretz readers?

Amira bends over backwards trying to figure out why Pali-terrorists try to kill Jews at every opportunity. SHe comes up with all sorts of excuses that usually involve blaming Palestinian savegery on Israeli self-defence (eg "the awful fence/dreadful wall" as she refers to it).

what she fails to realize or mention is the main reason Pali-terrorist carry out murderous attacks against Jews at every possible opportunity, even if it defies logic and sets back their own cause. The reasons are simple, Amira: fundamentalist Jihad and hatred for Jews.

The Left has not yet internalized that the goal of all the Palistinian factions is still the destruction of Israel under the guise of the sympathetic struggle for independence.

Maybe Amira spent so long searching for the "root causes" of Pali-terrorism that she started rooting for the cause. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
  Haaretz defends the antisemetic Indymedia!

Indymedia was shutdown by Israeli law becase of blatent antisemitism, such as: a caricature which depicted Sharon dressed in an SS uniform, and a caricature depicting Ariel Sharon enthusiastically kissing Adolf Hitler. (these minor details were buried in paragraphs 6 and 7)

Haaretz blathers on about the poor website administrator getting harrassed by the police. Haaretz doesnt care that antisemitism is a crime in Israel, and defends the perpertrator.

LGF details Indymedia's blatent antisemitism here and here.

THis is proof that Haaretz is not only anti-Israel, it defends antisemites.

Watching the Left. Like a hawk.

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