Saturday, February 28, 2004
  Haaretz doesnt wait for the blood to dry

Its been less than a week since the Palistinian suicide terrorist in Jerusalem destroyed the people on that bus, and Amira Hass is back to pumping out olive picker sob stories.

Lets keep this story in context: While the Bashirs cant get to all their olive trees, In the past week of the Oslo War, 10 Israelis have been murdered. 

  Haaretz rehashes old and incorrect news on global warming!

Tim Blair caught this one out on February 23!

The report isn’t secret, it wasn’t suppressed, the Observer isn’t the first to “obtain” it, and it was prepared for, rather than by, the Pentagon. Fortune magazine had the whole story last month.
The result is an unclassified report, completed late last year, that the Pentagon has agreed to share with FORTUNE. It doesn't pretend to be a forecast. Rather, it sketches a dramatic but plausible scenario to help planners think about coping strategies.

Its bad enough that Haaretz is biased but when the newspaper parrots the mistakes of others, its time to cancel your subscription!

  Haaretz tries to convince you that checkpoints are worse than Piguiim

What would you prefer: A) Some Palestinians have to wait 1 inconvenienced hour to get checked before going through a checkpoint, or B) your kids getting blown to pieces by a terrorist?

There can be no moral ambiguity here. 

Friday, February 27, 2004
  Disgusting: Yoel Marcus mocks families of terror victims

This is how Haaretz describes the brave families of terror victims who went to the Hague:
"a show of whining and whimpering... a display of wretchedness and woe designed to tug at the heartstrings of international public opinion - like beggars who show off the stump of an arm or leg to make the world feel sorry for them."

Haaretz makes me fell sick.


  Palestinian Propoganda site calls to support Haaretz journos!

THe PalestineMonitor.org site calls to support Amira Hass and Gideon Levy - states the following:

"The two journalists, Hass and Levy, have written some of the strongest articles against Israeli occupation and aggression, which I have often forwarded to you, so you know where they stand."

Yes, we know where they stand.  
  Haaretz: Withdrawal could leave Gaza a terrorist camp - NEWSFLASH: It already is!

Wether we stay in Gaza or not the Palestinains will still hate us, and support / attempt terrorism.

Haaretz doesnt want to end the quagmire, and opposes the unilateral seperation and the fence.

Next time Haaretz cries "occupation", remember that the Left would rather we rule over Gaza and perpetuate deaths on both sides, than to unilaterally leave Gaza to more defencible borders without an Oslo surender agreement. 
  Haaretz lambastes the IDF for spending money on saving our lives

THe Oslo war braught about by the Left's machinations has cost - the IDF does need money to defend the country and save lives.

As for the paragraph 2 jibe about Sharon having "no strategic vision", what do you call the bold steps of unilateral seperation and the security fence? A strategy to get us out of the Oslo quagmire the Left led us into. 

Thursday, February 26, 2004
  Two Palestinians killed by IDF during anti-fence protest attack

and so they should be, by any moral reckoning that values the lives of children, ours and theirs. 

  THe Gilad Sharon smear campaign continues - part 81

THis is such a non-story. Asking someone questions for the upteenth time is not news. News is the outcome of a trial or the revelation of a fact.

Haaretz's smear campaign against Gilad is starting to resemble the go-nowhere plots of the Bold and the Beutiful!  

  Haaretz sympathizes with the fears of Palestinian Suicide terrorists

Amira Hass, turncoat resident of Rammalahstan is either a lousy reporter or a liar. SHe lived in Gaza and Rammalah for 10 years - she must hear "Ichbad Al Yehud" at least once a day. She speaks with Hamas and Islamic Jihadis on a regular basis, and they do not hide their intention when they repeatedly state a Judenrein Palestine between the Jordan and the sea is their goal. Is she deaf? Or does she deconstruct the murderous statements of Jihadi representatives to meet the Dogma-agenda disseminated to Haaretz readers?

Amira bends over backwards trying to figure out why Pali-terrorists try to kill Jews at every opportunity. SHe comes up with all sorts of excuses that usually involve blaming Palestinian savegery on Israeli self-defence (eg "the awful fence/dreadful wall" as she refers to it).

what she fails to realize or mention is the main reason Pali-terrorist carry out murderous attacks against Jews at every possible opportunity, even if it defies logic and sets back their own cause. The reasons are simple, Amira: fundamentalist Jihad and hatred for Jews.

The Left has not yet internalized that the goal of all the Palistinian factions is still the destruction of Israel under the guise of the sympathetic struggle for independence.

Maybe Amira spent so long searching for the "root causes" of Pali-terrorism that she started rooting for the cause. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
  Haaretz defends the antisemetic Indymedia!

Indymedia was shutdown by Israeli law becase of blatent antisemitism, such as: a caricature which depicted Sharon dressed in an SS uniform, and a caricature depicting Ariel Sharon enthusiastically kissing Adolf Hitler. (these minor details were buried in paragraphs 6 and 7)

Haaretz blathers on about the poor website administrator getting harrassed by the police. Haaretz doesnt care that antisemitism is a crime in Israel, and defends the perpertrator.

LGF details Indymedia's blatent antisemitism here and here.

THis is proof that Haaretz is not only anti-Israel, it defends antisemites.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
  Haaretz stealth editors cover up blood libel Haaretz changed 2 headlines today!

This article was originally titled
"Three settlers admit to shooting Palestinian shepherds" was changed to "Court releases settlers who shot Palestinian shepherds" - I guess the legal court verdict took some of the wind out of this trial by media!

And this article was originally entitled "the Jewish People's guilty secret is coming to a theater near you" and was changed to "It is the darkest accusation the Jewish People has ever faced. And it is coming to a theater near you"

think about it- the original title was a blood libel braught to you from Haaretz.  
  insecure Haaretz Europhiles pander to the EUnuchs Like an insecure dork at high school, the Left is desperately "Trying to fit in, but where?"

Haaretz wants us to be accepted by the Europeans. You know the ones who fund Peace Now ,Yossi Beilin , Yasser Afarat and his Al-asq terrorists, and feel that we are the greatest threat to world peace.

Weve already got a patron - the USA. Why does the Left suck up to Europe?

In 20 years time, the USA (and by emulation, Israel) will be euntrapaneurs and idea generators, India will be the home of the white collar industries, China the blue collar industries, and beuracratic and uncompetitive Zeuropa will be the new third world. 
  Shameful Haaretz slurs and attempts character assasination on IDF chief of staff A slander on the head of our defence during a time of war - only from Haaretz.

How you know that this character portrait is unbalanced, one-sided and biased? because in 10 paragraphs, it does not say a single positive thing about Yaalon.

Yaalon's tactical vision has saved countless lives by foilling hundreds of Pali-suicide terrorist attacks, and wheres the gratitude?

of course the writer has Sharon Frenzy Syndrome, and gets off topic in the last paragraph - he forgets that hes targeting Yaalon, and starts jibing at Sharon!

The Left loves to criticisize, but never comes up with a strategy of its own (unless you count unconditional surrender).
  A loaded headline from Haaretz: twists the truth, villifies "Settlers"

Haaretz writes that "Three settlers admit to shooting Palestinian shepherds" - this headline should read: Three Jews shoot at Palestinian attackers"

In classic Haaretz style, the Left aims to create divisions in our society by villifying the Jews who live in Yesha. Let us deconstruct the Headline.

One of the those involved "told police they were attacked by the Palestinians and feared for their lives. They said they then opened fire." - sounds rational to me. especially in the context of an Oslo war that has claimed 1000 civilian lives.
  Haaretz readers protesting against the anti-terrorist fence

These people don't care if your children are murdered. 
  An Admission from Yoel Marcus Yoel Marcus recognizes that when it comes to Sharon, the Left will "cut off its nose to spite its face".

Yoel seems to be recovering from Sharon Frenzy Syndrome - in this article he recognizes the savagery of Palestinian terrorism and their hatred that defies logic.

Yoel lambastes the Left's cynical hypocracy for opposing the unilateral withdrawal and the fence that would save lives on both sides, just because Sharon is the main proponent of it.

Yoel is not completely cured. He refers to "Israeli fanatics" "who are crying bloody murder" - this a gross mischaracterization, and is aimed only to counterbalance the savagery of the Palestinians.

Yoel, it is not the guys in protest tents outside the PMs residence who will reluctantly and peacefully leave Gaza in the next 9 months, who should be slandered this way. Terms such as "fanatics" and "bloody murder" should be reserved for the Palestinian fanatics who literally carry out bloody murder, and that Haaretz has justified and enabled all these years.

contact Yoel and thank him for partially and temporarilly coming to his senses. Its a start. 
Monday, February 23, 2004
  Haaretz: Leftist media tactics Vs. strategy

Every time there is a piguah, the olive picker sob stories pumped out of haaretz dry up for a few days. People are sick of hearing about some farmer who can't get to all of his olive trees, when our nation is undergoing real suffering, and Pali-terrorists are ripping families apart. The wound is too raw.

Wait a few days. Haaretz will slowly start bringing out the violin for the poor palestinian jihadis by the end of the week. 

  Akiva Eldar - Self-Flagellating Kangaroo court judge

Akiva "feels theres no need to go as far as The Hague". In this article, he's already found Sharon, the IDF, Amnon Rubinstein, and the fence guilty for Palestinian savagery.

What a whinning Oslo criminal.


  Haaretz: "Don't bother with self-defence; just give up"

Ephraim Kleiman brings us a warped "glimpse into the future", where he pokes fun at the security-fence. The security-fence may not prevent every attack, but it has already proven effective in saving lives from Pali-terrorists. Lapid states in this article that the fence would have prevented the attack.

Haaretz also whinges that the "Cost of fence could rise to NIS 15M per km". Whats the cost of a human life?

Maybe if it was not the case that the Jerusalem fence is held up by Left wing legal petitions of the route, (a considerable cost to the tax payer in itself) then todays atrocity could have been prevented. Before you Perverted Leftos start crying "Rabin Assasin" in an effort to slur your critics, just remember, that you lefties also gave them bullets.

How many more of us have to die before the left get it?


Sunday, February 22, 2004
  Haaretz: When soldiers journalists become bullies

The anti-Zionist Gideon Levy does'nt like soldiers stopping suicide bombers. In this article he has a go a the young boys who put their lives on the line everyday. A Palestinian got his car confiscated for a day - for all we know from this article, the IDF were checking for explosives. 

Saturday, February 21, 2004
  Yoel Marcus thinks 2003 was a wasted year. - maybe for the failed Shachar party and the geneva "unconditional surender" plan of Yossi "the poodle" Beilin.

Allot of things were achieved in Israel during 2003 -
Check out Israel 21C for all the technological breakthroughs that occured in Israel in 2003.

Also we stopped alot of terorist attacks and for the first time, started seperating ourselves from the Palestinians. I'm sure everyone who didnt die in those attacks, had a better year than if they were blown to pieces. its all relative.

Yoel Marcus described Clinton as the "friendliest, most involved, most caring, most well-meaning American president ever". Maybe Monica Lewinski felt that way, but after september 11, it doesnt say much for Marcus's judgement.  
  Another Olive Picker Sob Story Every war has casualties. The Palestinains started this Oslo War, and the Left enabled the conditions for it to come about.

Only someone with no survival instinct feels sorry for people that hate you, and try to kill you at every opportunity. Just because killers and antisemites have personal lives, doesnt make them any less monstrous. Even Hitler liked dogs. If it were 1945, Haaretz would be running human interest stories on the families of concentration camp guards.

save your tears for the Lady in this picture:

  Haaretz doesnt like Sharon's unilateral seperation paragraph 6 quotes heresay from some anonymous senior officials - sounds like a reliable source - Not!
After 1000 murders, it is clear that Oslo failed, and that Sharon is taking bold steps to unilaterally withdraw from our enemies, and build a seperation fence. Haaretz doesnt like this, and rather than admit that the Left was wrong about Oslo, Haaretz constantly criticizes any attempt to get us out of the mess that the Left got us into. How many more children have to die?

even if Haaretz doesnt care about Israeli children, are they so cynical as to oppose a unilateral seperation that would also reduce Palestinian child soldier casualties, just to further the agenda of the Left?

Can anyone remember a single Haaretz article, just one, which admitted that Oslo failed?  
  Haaretz caught twisting the truth - Haaretz tells you what they think you should know.

Haaretz reports the headline Powell prods Sharon to treat Palestinians better . A more accurate headline of what realy happened can be found at the Jerusalem Post:

Powell at Princeton: 'I put the blame squarely on Arafat'

Why doesnt Haaretz emphasize this? Because it doesnt fit the Left's Agenda.
Friday, February 20, 2004
  Who watches Haaretz? I did not see any discernable bias in Haaretz today, so I will post some info on myself and my viewpoints.

I made Aliyah from Australia in 1997, and in 2001, when the Hitech bubble burst and I found myself out of work, I moved back to Australia to make and save some money. I went back to Israel for two months during the time of the Pesach massacre, and narrowly missed being blown to pieces at Cafe Bialik. My family and I are relocating back to Israel in 7 months, now that we can afford to buy a house. My qualifications include Bsc Computer Engineering, Gad Dip Biotechnology, MCSE, MCSD, CNE, CCNA, and I am 6 weeks away from finishing a thesis for a Masters in Bioinformatics. Who I am is unimportant.

Haaretz promotes its Leftoid agenda through techniques such as:

Think about it. 
Thursday, February 19, 2004
  Amira Hass gets the violin out for the Palistinians THis crone has no journalistic integrity:
In order to further her pro-Palestinian position, Haas has violated basic journalistic standards. In June 2001, the Jerusalem District Court ordered Ha'aretz and Hass to pay 250,000 shekels (about $80,000) for slandering the Jewish community of Hebron. Judge Rachel Shalev-Gartel concluded in favor of the Hebron residents, ruling that Haas' report -- disproven by several televised accounts of the incident -- damaged the community's reputation.

read more about AMira's escapades at Honest reporting.

so the next time you read one of Amira's olive picker sob stories, ask yourself: "how much of this article did she fabricate to get her message accross?"

If Amira's looking to cover the human sympathy angle in an impartial mannor , there are over 1000 Israeli families of Oslo war casualties whom she could contact.

Is it just me, or does Amira look like an embittered spinster haridan who got left on the shelf?


  Police wait for okay to open papers POSSIBLY linked to Kern affair. The non story / smear campaign continues, part 78. (Yawn)

In related news, Gilad Sharon baught a new pair of brown socks.  
  Turd Larson - Haaretz poster boy
If you want to understand why Israel isn't fighting Arafat, follow the money .

In 1999, the Shimon Peres Center for Peace gave Larsen and his wife, Norwegian Ambassador Mona Juul, an unprecedented cash payment of $100,000 - a kickback for Peres's Nobel Peace prize?

Larsen sits on the board of governors of the Peres Center. The Norwegian government is one of the chief contributors to the multimillion dollar enterprise. The center's largest outlay is salaries, of which the directors receive a disproportionately large share.

Larsen libeled Israel in front of the international community by calling for the establishment of a UN fact-finding mission on the Jenin non-massacre.

In addition to payment of employees, the Peres Center apparently also knows how to throw a good [toga ] party. A three-day meeting of its full board of governors in 1999 cost NIS 2,328,990. Outlays included footing the bill for the travel and lodging expenses of all board members. Turd Larson is a party animal!!!

Muhammad Rashid, Arafat's former economic adviser and current embezler of the $160 million Gaza Employees Pension Fund, is vice president and one of the principle stockholders in Paltel, one of the main investments of the Peres center.

$20 million donated for the construction of low-cost housing in Gaza had been used instead to build luxury apartments for wealthy supporters of PLO mafiosa Yasser Arafat.

Yossi Ginossar, Rashid's partner in his various business dealings and behind-the-scenes go-between with Arafat for Oslo appeasers, also siat on the board of directors of the Peres Center, until her carcked it.

keeping Oslo alive is good business for the Left
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
  Meretz deflects criticism - compare rabbis to Rabin assassin In Israel, you cant say the word "traitor" when refering to the left. its concidered "incitement" and is a legislated thaught crime! You can however, criticise and slander Israel and Judaism to your heart's content.

In life Rabin was a human being who did good things such as defend this country. He also did bad things such as the murder of all those guys on the Altalena, and the padding of his wife's bank account. Rabin's death however, transmorgafied him into the Left's Messiah.

Whenever Haaretz want to quash freedom of speach, they holer one of two character assasination epitahs:

The Left cannot handle any criticism and tolerates no dissent.
  Haaretz on The fence: A path to voluntary transfer survival - But when did Haaretz care about that? Those bleeding hearts only pump Perfidious plasma for Palistinians. The thing is, the fence saves lives. Since it went up, Netanya and Hadera are no longer war zones:

FACT: Israel is building a fence, not transfering Palistinians - So why does Haaretz twist this so? For the Perverted Left, war is peace, ignorance is strength and freedom is slavery. Ah the lies and the lying liars who tell them. Does the truth matter to the Left, or do they only care about getting their message accross? THey have always been disconnected from reality.

heres a zinger from Haaretz - the fence will "leave the Palestinians with only 57 percent of the West Bank" - now look at this map of the fence and say that with a straight face:

Dont let Haaretz fool you into thinking we have a partner, or for feeling sorry for the Palistinian death cult. If you love your children more than you care about those savages trying to kill us every day, then SUPPORT THE FENCE.

I think the fence should include a mine field.

  Haaretz adulates and fauns over Palestinian Propoganda site ! "A cleanly styled, sophisticated site, its messages are brief and to the point, formulated for the political culture of the U.S. and Europe, rejecting violence and sensitive to human rights."

"The narrative is different: the Palestinians are depicted as innocent victims of an Israeli policy of transfer."

The PLO, says the site, favors a two-state jihadi solution, with the Green Line sea as the border. All the settlements Jews , including those in the Jerusalem area, must be evacuated.

  Gideon Samet has been watching too much Sopranos! The prime minister is "largely responsible for the rising tide of crime" and is "one of the main culprits behind the rise in Israeli crime". - its Gideon Samet on the case!

"Hebron is getting very close to the dens of iniquity in Tel Aviv" - just how many sleazy nightclubs in Hebron has Gideon frequented? Maybe Sharon stashed the maltese falcon there?

Gideon feels that "The Israeli heart has grown crude with violence" - On the other hand, by these crazy quotes, Gideon may have just grown seriously demented.

"he [Sharon] is one of the unofficial creators of the crime wave - even if he comes out of the police probes as pure as the driven snow. " - In this money quote, it sounds like Haaretz has pronounced Sharon guilty without a trial. No bias there. Move along.

In related news, that eathquake last week was caused by Sharon.

contact Gideon with any crime tips!

  Haaretz: all documents have been siezed in the Caribean islands? Haaretz's non story smear campaign against Sharon continues with part 75. Meanwhile, the Caribean locals have gone back to using papyrus and clay tablets.

Seriously, lots of people have documents. Its not a crime.

In related news, Gilad SHaron had pasta for lunch. Stop the press! its a corruption!

  Haaretz: helping suicide terorists get a decent burial - In this article, Haaretz advocates the plight of the families of terrorists. You know the ones that are so happy when their kids become Jew-killin martyrs? Well, they'd like the body parts (and bomb parts) back, so as to glorify their murdering dead in ceremonies that further indoctrinate their youth into the Pali death cult.

And just to ensure there are more martyrs for the meat grinder, lefties are helping them get to our families - Leftists at work:

MK Roman Bronfman set up a task force" of the usual suspects "to monitor the checkpoints, " and make sure that noone upsets any suicide terorists on the way to work ". So far, all the MKs from Meretz have joined, as has the suicidal "Geneva Camp" - MKs Amram Mitzna, Avraham Burg, Colette Avital, and Yuli Tamir from Labor - as well as Eitan Cabel and Michael Melchior from Labor. The Arab MKs who have joined are Issam Makhoul, Ahmed Tibi, Mohammed Barakeh, Talab al-Sana, Wasal Taha and Jamal Zahalka. Shinui's Reshef Chayne and Etti Levine joined, as did Ilana Cohen from One Nation. Nasrallah, Arafish, Shiek Yassin and Osama Bin Ladin have also reportedly joined.

"It turns out an MK's ID card can open a checkpoint or two. Bronfman's intervention led to the soldiers opening the checkpoint for a dozen Palestinians, including a father with a infant," and maybe 2 or 3 suicide bombers ?.

According to Haaretz, self-defence is an offence, and terrorists are sensitive people.  
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
  Haaretz admits: The Sharon smear campaign won't be closed - "Even if Mazuz closes the case in the Appel affair, it won't be closed in the Left's 'mind'" - I think that quote says it all.

In related news, Haaretz has hired gravediggers to exhume Menachem Begin's body in order to conduct a post-mortem interview on Jewish collective guilt for everything. 
  Israellycool is really cool! What makes a blog excellent? Its not the javascript or the stylesheets, nor the 1000 links down the side. Its the wit of the author, and the ability to zone in on captivating nuances of world socioecenomics & geopolitics(ie its interesting & funny, and makes you think). Kudos to Isreallycool! 
  Haaretz doesn't support Unilateral Seperation. Keep bleeding for the Left - Here is a Leftoid article where Haaretz frets over the questionwill Sharon leave Gaza to Hamas? . If so, then its the fruits of Haaretz's labour.

Yes, we are leaving Gaza to Hamas, but non lefties always knew that was the case. The Palis always hated us, but the Left never picked up on it. I can ensure you that wether its hamas, the PLO or the Palestinian Bird Watchers society that rules Gaza, there will be one constant: THey will hate us, because their society indoctrinates this in them from day 0.

Unilateral seperation will save lives by keeping the bloodthirsty savages away from us. It will also kick the crutch out of the occupation buzz word that the Palistinians use to keep Israel in the dock of world public opinion.

THe Left and the Palistinas want to keep the process going with no peace in sight. It empowers the left, and allows the Palis to concentrate on their real goal of eradicating us, under the cover of the fight for independence. When SHaron starts talking (and doing) a real seperation into 2 states, then the left and the Palis get into a panic. After all they cant whinge about an occupation and refugees if they have their own islamo-fascist economic basketcase state , can they?

Haaretz whined about the "occupation" and every calamity in the lives of the poor, poor Palo-terrorists, and now when Sharon begins invoking a unilateral seperation without an Oslo surender agreement , they feel that hes stealing their glory.

THats the thing about the left. They can whine and criticize every policy and concept, but they never propose any realistic solutions (unless you count unconditional surrender).  
  There are partners? Bullshit. Where were the Haaretz staff during the Oslo war? Did they miss the collapse of all the left's pretensions and the 1000 dead Israelis? Are they still trying to hoodwink us with this "peace partner" schtick?

Is the left so petty that it is against the fence because Sharon supports it?

Does Haaretz ever advocate any form of self defence?

Let me get this straight. We cant fight back, we cant build a defensive barrier, we cant seperate ourselves from these murderous parasites, we just have to keep bleeding until we capitulate to all the Palistinian demands and / or die. Thats Haaretz's political strategy in a nutshell.  
  Hundreds of Palestinians protest at Erez Crossing , chanting "let us in, so we can kill you." Let them go work in egypt, its not our problem. 
  Our soldiers & the fence are trying to protect our civilians, and Haaretz doesnt approve - haaretz is whining about some Palistinistas who got arrested "inciting" against the fence. picture ratbags in kaffiyehs tearing down the wall that stands bettwen a suicide terrorist and your family. Cry me a river. These people hate us. They are trying to murder our women and children every day. Their culture is an antisemetic death cult.

apparently "Israel has 629 Palestinian administrative detainees, .... The investigative material against most of them is confidential" - but you can bet that most of them were engaged in violent acts.

I dont feel sorry for sickos who cheer when their children become suicide bombers. Aaah, the human interest story, what a tear jerker journalistic template. Why doesnt Haaretz write more articles about the sadness of families of terror victims?

Haaretz is trying to make you question your intrinsic survival instinct. Dont fall for it.

  Amira, you look stoned! Meet Amira Hass, a Haaretz reporter who lives down the road from the Rammalah Muqata. Now most Jews who step foot in Pali-stan get the special group lynch welcome, but not Amira. Shes useful ,you see. She helps weaken Israeli morale during a time of war, and thus she's tolerated. SHe can even walk through down-town Ramallah without a yellow star!

Unfortunetly She can only rent an apartment in Ramalah (or gaza beforehand) and cant buy one - selling land to a Jew is punishable by death according to Palistinian law. Not that you'd here about that from Amira. 
  Hooligans in Hebron? - Beats Jihadis in Jenin, Radicals in Ramallah, Suicides from Shechem, Killers from Kalkilya, and all those psychotic murderous shits in Gaza!

buried in paragraph 3: "more than 30 suicide terrorists came out of Hebron".
and in 5: "It's not the armed, warmongering settlers who need protection, but the thousands of helpless Palestinians".

No Haaretz, Its us who need protection from the armed, warmongering 30+ suicide terrorists that came out of Hebron.
  Knesset Cmte. approves NIS 96M for Jews who live "you know where" - yes its true - these people need running water and electricity. Haaretz would have you throw these people to the wolves. In related news that you wont find on the EU-lovin Haaretz ,

Filthy Lucre Baby!
  Haaretz moans: Sharon tells police to 'stop moaning' over budget cuts Stop the press! Sharon says something that can be twisted for the smear campaign! THis is news? Please. 
  Is Hebron is being "cleansed" of Philistines, or is Yesha being cleansed of Jews? - Haaretz helps you out with moral relativity. Moving Jews out of their homes is goooood, but moving Palestinians out of their homes is baaaaad. Is it 400 Jews who live in Hebron, with a hostile antisemetic population of 120,000? Lucky those soldiers are there to protect them, otherwise Haaretz might feel nostalgic for the good old days of burning down the ghetto back in Poland. Haaretz might even distribute a free "Jews Out" game for the Palestinains of Hebron. And those palis will always look after any Judaic religous sites in Hebron once the Jews are gone , just look at their track record:

The term "settlers" is a nice way of legitimizing the ethnic cleansing of Jews. Don't let the Left control your lexicon! 
  Meron Benvenisti - the Anti-Zionist Meron thinks hes found another "Another exhibit for the Zionist Museum". What a patriot.

He refers to Sharon as the "Lebanon warmonger". Maybe he got confused with Beilin, the Oslo Warmonger? More people have been murdered in the Oslo war than in the Lebanon War or in the 6 day war.

Meron feels that the "age of ideology has passed" , but excuses his own rabid anti-Zionist leftist ideology. Meron is deeply upset that "As usual, Sharon knows how to usurp the symbols of the left" because he baught his own propoganda that the radical left is the "peace camp", ergo everyone else is the "war camp". What a croc - nobody likes war (especially not the Left's Oslo war), but self-defence beats dying.

Meron has not internalized this. He advocates total surender and Dhimmitude - the unilateral withdrawal and wall is not adequate for Merons capitulative appetite. All he cares about is "How easy it is to tempt the left with the heady scent of removing the settlements." Does Meron make you feel "intellectual"?

  Haaretz worries that its smear campaign against Sharon isn't enough - "Even if charged, Sharon could keep the reins " By Gideon Alon - the Sharon corruption non-story (part 73) continues. Formal charges have not been pressed, but the Haaretz kangaroo court has already found Sharon guilty and decided that the punishment should be the removal of Sharon from office, to be replaced by the editors choice - Yossi Beilins Shachar party. Keep dreaming, Israel is still a democracy, not a left wing dictatorship ... yet.

Its not up to Haaretz to decide (via smear campaign) who is the Prime Minister - its the people's choice. And the people spoke with a landslide vote for Sharon, out of disgust for the Oslo deception.
Monday, February 16, 2004
  An anti-Israel Bias in foreign newspapers? - An article in Haaretz ponders why this is so. Newsflash to Haaretz: you're often quoted as the source in the Biased BBC! I did a search at the BBC site for Haaretz and got back 438 hits. heres a few:

THe point is, when enemies of Israel or lazy journalists criticize Israel, they tend to throw in an "even the Jews say Israel's bad" comment, and Haaretz is the prime source for these people fishing for an anti-Israel quote.

Haaretz's readership is somewhere between 50,000 & 100,000 in Israel. Why do they publish their negative views on an english site? Is the goal to tarnish Israel's name? 
  Aboriginal riots in Sydney - Civilized man's burden - tougher laws are needed when a bunch of homeless bums riot on a regular basis. I don't care what color your skin is, we are all human beings - theres no excuse for this kind of behaviour. The onus is on the individual as to what they do with their lives. No education? put down that beer and go to the library. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, and get a job! 
  Off Topic: read Tim Blair - A witty blogger from down under If you want the news from Australia, skip the lefty diatribes at the Sydney Morning herald, and go straight to Tim Blair's razor sharp observations on how it is! 
  Akiva Eldar says no to the fence Akiva Eldar says no to self defence. Some Palistinians cant pick a few olives in between trying to blow us up, so we might as well jump into the sea. the Eldar policy: No fence, definately no shooting, just alot of sulking about Sharon. Did I mention Akiva has Sharon frenzy syndrome? He blows his stack on Sharon every day in this rag, its the same old story. Does reading Akiva make you feel "intellectual"? 
  Police track Sharon money to Caribbean bank (PART 72) In the continuation of this non story, Haaretz continues its trial by media of the Prime Minister. Ever heard of due process? Caribbean sounds kind of shifty. Haaretz loooooves to pooh-pooh Sharon. Has anyone ever seen a positive story about Sharon in Haaretz? What about that other court case, you know the one about those slippery Oslo criminals I keep seeing on bumper stickers?  
  Palestinian dies of heart attack at Erez crossing - ie let them all in so that they can kill us. really, Alot of people die of heart attacks. My grandfather did. It just so happens this one died at a point where soldiers are stopping his fellow nationals from carrying out atrocities against civilians in Israel, and providing jobs for them. Haaretz wants us to feel bad for protecting ourselves. Cry me a river. 
  I am sick and tired of the weasly opinion columns, the twisted facts, the doom and gloom and general anti-zionist atmosphere of Haaretz. And now I am going to highlight the way they twist things. 
Watching the Left. Like a hawk.

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